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Open lace

patterned openwork fabric made by plaiting, knotting, looping, or twisting. The finest lace is made from linen thread. Handmade laces include


solution of film-forming materials, natural or synthetic, usually applied as an ornamental or protective coating. Quick-drying synthetic lacquers are

Open Lacrosse

( ləkrôs' ), ball and goal game usually played outdoors by two teams of 10 players each on a field 60 to 70 yd (54.86 to 64.01 m) wide by 110 yd

La Fontaine, Jean (1621 - 1695)

( zhäN də ), 1621–95, French poet, whose celebrated fables place him among the masters of world literature. He was born at Château-Thierry to a

Lalique, René (Jules) (1860 - 1945)

( rənā' lälēk' ), 1860–1945, French jewelery designer and glassmaker whose works are landmarks of arts nouveau and deco, b. Ay; apprenticed to

Lalo, (Victor Antoine) Edouard (1823 - 1892)

French composer. His Spanish ancestry and violin training are evident in the Symphonie espagnole (1873) for violin and orchestra, and Concerto for

Lambert, Constant (1905 - 1951)

English composer, conductor, and critic. His works include The Rio Grande (1929) and the ballet score Horoscope (1938), which react against

Lampard, Frank James (1978 - )

English footballer. Despite playing in midfield, he has regularly been among the top goalscorers in the English Premier League. He progressed through

Landscape painting

Representation of inland scenery, such as a countryside view or city skyline; also a format of painting that is wider than its height. Landscape

Lanfranco, Giovanni (1582 - 1647)

( jōvän'nē länfräng'kō ), 1582–1647, Italian painter. Lanfranco is considered one of the foremost artists of the High Baroque. He was trained by the