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( fôl'kənrē, fô'–, făl'– ), sport of hunting birds or small animals with falcons or other types of hawks; eagles are used in some parts of the world.

Open Falcons

common name for members of the Falconidae, a heterogeneous family of long-winged birds of prey similar to the hawks but genetically more closely

Fecal incontinence

When stool (feces) leaks out from the rectum accidentally, it is known as fecal incontinence. Under normal circumstances, stool enters the end portion

Open fertilization

In sexual reproduction , the union of two gametes (sex cells, often called egg or ovum, and sperm) to produce a zygote , which combines the genetic

fiddler crab

common name for small, amphibious crabs belonging to the genus Uca. They are characterized by a rectangular carapace (shell) and a narrow abdomen,


or lightning bug, small, luminescent, carnivorous beetle of the family Lampyridae. Fireflies are well represented in temperate regions, although the

Open Fish

Aquatic vertebrate that uses gills to obtain oxygen from fresh or sea water. There are three main groups: the bony fishes or Osteichthyes (goldfish,

Open Flamingos

common name for a large pink or red wading bird, similar to the related heron, stork, and spoonbill but with a longer neck, webbed feet, and a unique


common name for any member of the unique and widespread order Pleuronectiformes containing over 500 species (including the flounder, halibut, plaice,


What Is It? Flatulence is the passage of intestinal gas (flatus) through the rectum. Passing gas is normal, and every human being does it at least 14