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Open Cable television
Cable television

the transmission of televised images to viewers by means of coaxial cables. Cable systems receive the television signal, which is sent out over cables


( kā'sӘn, –sŏn ) [Fr.,=big box], in engineering, a chamber, usually of steel but sometimes of wood or reinforced concrete, used in the construction of

Calatrava, Santiago, 1951-

1951–, Spanish architect, b. Benimamet, near Valencia, grad. Institute of Architecture, Valencia (1974), Federal Institute of Technology, Zürich

Open Calculators

or calculating machine, device for performing numerical computations; it may be mechanical, electromechanical, or electronic. The electronic computer

Open Calder, Alexander, 1898-1976
Calder, Alexander, 1898-1976

Alexander Calder is a sculptor who pioneered the use of steel wire and sheets of cut metal in various combinations for radical new compositional,

Open camera

lightproof box or container, usually fitted with a lens, which gathers incoming light and concentrates it so that it can be directed toward the film

Canadian National Railways

Corporation created by the Canadian government in 1918 to run an extensive nationalized railway system. At its height, the Canadian National network

Canadian Pacific Railway

Privately owned railway company that operates one of the two transcontinental systems in Canada. The Canadian Pacific (CP) pioneered rail travel in

Open Cano, Alonso, 1601-1667
Cano, Alonso, 1601-1667

( älōn'sō kä'nō ), 1601–67, Spanish baroque painter, sculptor, and architect. Cano studied under Pacheco and received painting and architecture

Open Canterbury Cathedral
Canterbury Cathedral

Cathedral in Canterbury , Kent, England. It is in the form of a double cross, with a central and two west towers. The total length is 160 m/525 ft,